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Chosen a TOP 10 maze in America.The Largest Maze in New England.
Kid's Play Village
Barnyard Golf
Wild East Rodeo
Red Barn
Friendly Goats
It's all about play and imagination
Be a storekeeper
the village sheriff
or more . .
A wacky form of mini-golf:
includes outhouse basketball,
a 10' slingshot,
and more . .
Can you stay on the bull
for 8 seconds?
Ride the bouncy cows,
herd the horses
Crawl through the underground Gopher Tunnels,
jump on the haybales,
scale the Silo Climb
Relax and enjoy our
friendly goats
Comments most often said by our first time Mazers:

"Loved it! What a challenge!"

"We should have come earlier."

"We completely underestimated
the maze."

"We have mazes back home, but nothing like this. Awesome!"

"We'll definitely be back next year."

For more feedback and comments, check us out on facebook.

Great Vermont Corn Maze
1404 Wheelock Road
Danville, VT 05828