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    Challenge the Corn Maze for a great outdoor experience.    
Kids will love to play and pat the farm animals in our Barnyard.
Great Family fun is had by all in our outdoor Ultimate Laser Tag
A unique New England experience in early October is DEAD NORTH - Farmland of Terror!
For more information on what to find during your visit in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.
Get driving directions to our location in Northeastern Vermont
Contact us with any questions or for more information
See the current weather conditions at the Great Vermont Corn Maze
Every year we design a new tshirt to go with that year's Maze design. Every year we
have a few of these unique shirts left over. This winter we are going to sell the
remainder of these one of a kind shirts at a discount. There are limited sizes of each shirt.
Once they are gone, they are gone for good. So, if you have a favorite, grab it now!
Design Options
Falcon 2011
Hiker 2010
Champ 2009
Rat Race 2008
Atlas 2007
Catamount 2006
Native 2005
Barnyrad 2004
Liberty 2002
Amaizingly, Cornfusing
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