Pat the animals in our Barnyard

Kids love to explore our Barnyard at the Corn Maze FREE with admission to the Corn Maze
or $5 per person by itself

    In the Barnyard Nature Center we try and help folks
better understand how farmlife, wildlife and a cornfield
interact. While giving kids, and kids at heart, an
opportunity to have some good ol' fashioned fun.

Here you'll find -
100' of underground tunnels to explore,
Farm animals in the petting area,
world's first Barnyard Golf,
and our new Kid Village!

Barnyard Animals
Interact with our Barnyard animals            chickens          Holstein calf
Kid Village
Use your imagination in the kid's size village
The Kid Village is all about play and imagination.
Be the storekeeper or buy some food to cook up in the log cabin.
Take care of the horses in the stable or be the Village Sheriff.
Just have fun.
Pretend to be the storkeeper or buy food in the Trading Post
        Play golf like never before
FREE with admission to the Maze or Barnyard

Played on real grass, on a real farm, the world's first BARNYARD Golf
is all about FUN. Players use wooden cow canes and plastic balls to navigate
through animal traps, grandma's laundry and even an outhouse. Keep score
by the number of laughs you get while playing.
Tee off in various ways, even with 7' slingshot
100' of Underground Tunnels
Explore the over 100' of underground tunnels
Pretend to be a field mouse while crawling through
100' of indoor, underground tunnels
1404 Wheelock Road
Danville, VT 05828