Chosen a TOP 10 maze in America.The Largest Maze in New England.
Maze open 7 days a week at 10 am. (weather permitting) We recommend arriving no later than 1 pm.
     We begin the closing process 2 hrs prior to closing due to the complexity of the maze, so arrive early
         Sorry, NO PETS      No Smoking       No Alcohol

Scenic Maze

Challenge our 24 acre Big Maze
Our Scenic Maze gives you a taste of mazing

Admission to Maze & Pretendin
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                The SCENIC Maze is approximately a 40 minute hike through the BIG Maze using directions found along the way.
               The Scenic Maze allows people to see the unique things we have within the BIG Maze, but without the hours of frustration.
               Unique things found in the maze include an underground tunnel, dinosaurs, bridges with panoramic views and new surprises
               every year. Large wheeled strollers will work on our dirt trails, however, there are several sets of stairs.
               Perfect for those looking for a taste of mazing without the 2+ hour effort.

               After mazing we also have Barnyard Golf which is a fun, wacky game played on real grass, friendly barnyard animals.
               Our PRETENDIN play area is designed for young children as a reward for after they have solved the maze.

Comments most often said by our first time Mazers:

"Loved it! What a challenge!"

"We should have come earlier."

"We completely underestimated
the maze."

"We have mazes back home, but nothing like this. Awesome!"

"We'll definitely be back next year."

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Great Vermont Corn Maze
1404 Wheelock Road
Danville, VT 05828
MAZE TIP: We recommend the Scenic Maze for anyone with young children, time constraints or with health concerns. Arrive before 2 pm, as this is when the last person is admitted into the maze.