Selected as the #2 MAZE attraction in America!

ATTENTION DRIVERS - if anyone needs to be removed from the Maze for breaking the
rules, then that person MUST also leave the property immediately.
So, if you came together, you will be leaving together.

To ensure a good time is had by all, please note
the following rules, as they are strictly enforced.

NO Cutting through the Corn        NO Tearing anything off the corn,
The maze is a delicate living sculpture and any damage to the
cornstalks diminishes the integrity of the maze.
You must stay on the pathways.

All children 15 and under MUST be supervised by an adult!
(Cell phones and radios are NOT considered supervision.)
Any child found without an adult will be
escorted back to the front of the maze and not let back in.

Persons with allergies or health issues should take appropriate precautions.
The Maze takes 45 min - 2+ hours to complete and is
located on Vermont's rolling hills.

Sorry, NO Pets,

NO Running in the maze
NO Smoking at the maze
NO Alcohol allowed at the maze
NO Firearms

1404 Wheelock Road
Danville, VT 05828