Chosen a TOP 10 maze in America.The Largest Maze in New England.
All Attractions OPEN July 29, 2017.    Follow us on Facebook for more info
Not on how to solve the MAZE, but how to get the most out
of your visit to our very unique attraction.

Challenge our 24 acre Big Maze
Our Scenic Maze gives you a taste of mazing
Admission to Maze & Pretendin
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MAZE TIP #1: Due to the complexity of our big maze, if you arrive after 1 pm, there is a 90% probablility that you will have to take many large clues in order to solve the maze before we close. You will also most likey have little or no time to enjoy our other activities.

MAZE TIP #2: We stop letting people in 2 hours before closing
and start to help people solve the maze 1 1/2 hours
before our closing time to ensure everyone gets out in time.
(If you want to try and solve the maze
without help, then you need to come early in the day).
* Visitors spend between 2 to 6 hours enjoying all parts
of our attraction, so arriving early ensures you have enough time.
Comments most often said by our first time Mazers:

"Loved it! What a challenge!"

"We should have come earlier."

"We completely underestimated
the maze."

"We have mazes back home, but nothing like this. Awesome!"

"We'll definitely be back next year."

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Great Vermont Corn Maze
1404 Wheelock Road
Danville, VT 05828