A Story of Decay

   We've all seen them, as we speed along any modern interstate or highway. We catch glimpses of them out of the car windows. We usually give them no more thought that we would a tree or discarded tire, but every once in a while, just for a moment, we allow ourselves a distraction and wonder who created them? And why there?
   The rotting skeletons of long forgotten towns. Their aged skin peeled and sagging and once vital electric veins, severed long ago, sway slowly in the wind. Such was the fate of North Village, Vermont. A small northern town settled before the civil war when timber and farming held great value and promise.
   Why did the horse paths of one small village grow into the skyscrapers of New York while the other became a frozen snapshot of the past. Slowly being reclaimed by the very earth they once believed they could control.
   With the creation of a stage coach stop at the Patterson farm, North Village was a rising star with a promising future. But just as it began to grow, the new railroad opted to pass through nearby St. Johnsbury and North Village saw it's population and hope for prosperity shrink.
   But there were those who stayed because they believed North Village still had a future or because they had invested everything they had and could not afford to accept reality. Slowly the reputable, upscale businesses and people went to the railroad stop and North Village took on the work that was not acceptable in the nearby flourishing town.
   The Boucher Brothers from Canada stopped farming and opened a slaughter house causing the area residents to refer to them as the Butcher Brothers. A fitting name after one of the brothers went missing and rumors flowed about what was exactly being put in their meat packages.
   North Village eventually became known as DEAD NORTH Village and the remaining brother eventually died, leaving his 3 deformed sons to carry on the family slaughter house. Which they did in a variety of ghastly ways.
   For years after it's fall from prominence, North Village was used as a staging area for the popular Benson Brother's Traveling Circus. While the circus performed in more prosperous towns, the remaining residents of DEAD NORTH Village took what entertainment they could from watching them prepare for their show. With the creation of modern highways and the popularity of the automobile, movies and television, the Benson Brothers fell on hard times. The performers awoke one morning in North Village to find the Benson Brother's trailer ransacked, covered in blood and there was no sign of the brothers anywhere. With no money and winter fast approaching, the performers settled in to wait out the snow, creating a carny shantie town of freaks and mental defectives. They occasionally tried to perform for money, but with no leadership the once glorious Benson Brother's Circus became a freakish carnival of damned souls to be avoided at all costs.
   This mass avoidance of DEAD NORTH Village brought about another addition to the village. The dumping of toxic waste on the land, poisoning the once fertile land and causing further physical and mental defects to the residents of the decaying village. Stories and rumors continue of a Top Secret government research facility and paranoid survivalists bunkers located in the forgotten village of DEAD NORTH.
   The farm family that had created the original stage coach stop were tricked, swindled and forced into poverty and forced to leave their land by dishonest greedy railroad men. But in recent years a descendent of that farm family has returned to take back his ancestral land. Cornfields have been planted throughout DEAD NORTH and are aggressively protected by the self-appointed CARETAKER. A living, breathing, flesh and blood human scarecrow fueled with rage, hatred and revenge.
   DEAD NORTH and it's Residents continue to exist on the outskirts of the more modern towns and society. Every year, on the first two Friday and Saturday nights in October, brave tourists and locals gather together for a long walk through the decaying remants of DEAD NORTH in hopes of catching a glimpse of the freakish, demented residents rumored to make up DEAD NORTH -Farmland of Terror.