Chosen a TOP 10 maze in America.The Largest Maze in New England.
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Thank you for considering a visit to the Great Vermont Corn Maze.
Please read the following thoughts that we send to all groups who are considering a visit to the maze.

PLEASE NOTE - Chaperones:
Ages 12 and under require a 1 adult to 5 child ratio
Ages 13 and over require a 1 adult to 3 student ratio

Due to the frustration experienced to solve the maze, we require these numbers to ensure that a good time is had by all

Challenge our 24 acre Big Maze
Our Scenic Maze gives you a taste of mazing
Admission to Maze & Pretendin
See our hours of operation
Get information on a Group Visit

      The Great Vermont Corn Maze is the Largest Maze in New England. Every year we create an entirely new maze that takes
average healthy adult couples approximately 2 hours to solve the maze (usuallly with 1 or more hints from our maze staff). While it is
technically possible to solve the maze quicker, this means some groups were out in the maze for 4 hours or more. After 19 years, we can
definitely say that the people who enjoy the maze most are couples, active parents who enjoy spending time with their young children and
small groups of 3 5 people that are close friends who enjoy sharing an adventure.

Mazing does not work for large groups.

     Every year we have a few groups/companies attempt a day at the maze. None of these groups/companies have returned a second time.
We've found that one or two people out of the group/company have been to the maze before and loved it. So, they get the group/company to
come, only to find out the mazing is not for everyone.

     To help appeal to everyone, we do have 2 MAZE Options:

                The BIG Maze is a significant mental and physical challenge.
               Mazers should be able to walk for 2 hours minimum in order to have any fun attempting
               to solve this maze. The trails are dirt and go up and down 2 small hills.
               While there are Emergency Exits, it can take about 20 minutes to exit the maze
                once that decision to quit is made. There is no quick way out of 24 acres.
               We build a complex maze each year for mazers who enjoy just such a challenge and
               expect this level of difficulty. In the same way you are not allowed to build a snow
               fort in the of a black diamond ski trail, we do not allow people to run around and
               cut through the corn and ruin the experience for people who are enjoying an amaizing adventure.
               Unfortunately, in any group, there is a few who find themselves bored/overwhelmed and ruin the
               fun for those enjoying the experience. When discussing the idea of visiting the maze with your group,
               consider the following scenario:

Would everyone in your group enjoy surrounding a 2000' mountain at night and hiking up from different directions?

               Knowing that some will find the trail and make it to the top quickly and others will have difficulty
               in the dark and may not reach the top for 2 -3 hours. Leaving the first group waiting for everyone else.
               People who like mazing LOVE it but mazing is not for everyone.

                The SCENIC Maze is approximately a 40 minute hike through the cornfield using directions found along the way.
               The Scenic Maze allows people to see the unique things we have within the BIG Maze, but without the hours of frustration.
               Unique things found in the maze include an underground tunnel, dinosaurs, bridges with panoramic views and new surprises every year.

      After mazing we also have Barnyard Golf which is a fun, wacky game played on real grass, friendly barnyard animals.
Our PRETENDIN play area is designed for young children as a reward for after they have solved the maze.

      We feel it is important to share this information regarding groups based on 19 years of experience. We want all of
our visitors to get the most out of their visit but have learned that many visitors do not truly understand what mazing is or what it requires.
Considering this information, and the fact that you know your group better than we do, we leave it up to you to decide if a group visit to the maze
would actually be enjoyed by your group.

If you believe that your group would enjoy a visit, then just email:
with the 1) Day and 2) Rain Date you would like to visit. Please remember that we are only open weather permitting, so if the
weather is questionable, contact us that morning to make sure that we are able to open.

There is NO SMOKING beyond your car.
NO ALCOHOL allowed anywhere on property.
And sorry, NO PETS.
If anyone is removed from the maze for breaking the rules,
that person must leave the property. Since you are coming as group, we reserve the
right to remove the entire group if a member of the group breaks the rules.
Unlike a museum or bowling alley, our 24 acre corn maze is a delicate living sculpture
which cannot be rebuilt once damaged.

      As for PRICE for your group, we offer $1 off of each person for groups of 20 or more who pay as one with one transaction.
That would be $14 per person ages 16 and over and $9 for ages 5 15 and 60+.
Payment is expected at the time of your visit, we do not bill. We accept cash/check/credit card.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further,
please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Comments most often said by our first time Mazers:

"Loved it! What a challenge!"

"We should have come earlier."

"We completely underestimated
the maze."

"We have mazes back home, but nothing like this. Awesome!"

"We'll definitely be back next year."

For more feedback and comments, check us out on facebook.

Great Vermont Corn Maze
1404 Wheelock Road
Danville, VT 05828