Chosen a TOP 10 maze in America.The Largest Maze in New England.
The MAZE and PRETENDIN are now CLOSED for the SEASON!
    Will re-open August 1, 2018 with an entirely new design

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Howdy Folks,

     We'd like to invite you to come help us celebrate 19 YEARS of "CORNFUSION"!
The Great Vermont Corn Maze is located on our family's 5th generation family farm in
North Danville, VT. We create an entirely new 24 acre maze design every year
and are now the Largest Maze in New England.

         And Sorry, but NO PETS.

     The Great Vermont Corn Maze is a UNIQUE Attraction and, if you've never been,
             please take a moment and check out the following information.

We DO NOT Recommend the maze for 90% of teenagers!
Having helped thousands of people lose themselves over a number of years, we can definitely say that
the people who enjoy the maze the most are healthy ADULTS in their mid-twenty's to early 60's,
as well as adults with young children (under 14 years old).

Visitors who challenge the BIG Maze should be able to walk for at least 2 hours without a sit down rest.
Persons with health concerns should consider visiting our Scenic Maze and PRETENDIN Play Area.

Unfortunately, 90% of teenagers 13 - 20 give up in less than 20 minutes
and have little interest in really solving the maze.
All teens must have adult supervision at all times.
Radios and cell phones are not considered supervision.
The 10% of teenagers who like the challenge of the maze, return
every year and we enjoy seeing them year after year.

We Recommend bringing water and snacks/lunch.
The Great Vermont Corn Maze includes a number of attractions, which can be found on our home page.
The actual corn maze covers 24 acres with approximately 3+ miles of trails lined with 10 - 12' towering
walls of corn. The maze is also situated on a hill, which allows for fantastic views and keeps the
trails from getting too wet after the rain, however, this can also become a workout.
Most visitors spend 2 - 5 hours on the property enjoying the different attractions.

We sell candy, popcorn, water, soda, juice and ice cream novalties.
We do not sell lunch food.

Conveniently located near 3 major highways:    I-91, I-93 and RT 2
The Great Vermont Corn Maze is located on our 5th generation family farm at
1404 Wheelock Road, Danville, VT 05828.
We are conveniently located minutes from I-91 and I-93 and Route 2.

1 hr North of Whales Tale Water Park, Lost River, Clarks Trading Post and Franconia Notch on I-93
1 hr North of Montshire Museum, Quechee Gorge, VINS Nature Center, and Dartmouth College on I-91
1 hr EAST of Rock of Ages on Rt 2
1 hr min. West of Santas Village and Six Gun City on Rt 2
1 hr 20 min EAST of Stowe, VT and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
20 - 30 min. from Burke Mountain, Fairbanks Museum, The Maple Grove, Cabot Creamery,
Kingdom Trails, Camping, Hiking, Canoeing/kyaking

We Recommend arriving early!
Due to the 24 acre size of the maze, we begin our closing process 2 hours prior to our closing.
Therefore, the last people enter the maze no later than 2 pm Monday - Friday.
And enter the maze no later than 3 pm on Saturdays & Sundays.

Mon - Fri = last people enter at 2 pm, we start helping you solve the maze at 3 pm
                         Everyone is out of the maze by 3:30 pm. We close at 4 pm.
Sat & Sun = last people enter the maze at 3 pm, we start helping you solve the maze by 4 pm.
                         Everyone is out of the maze by 4:30 pm. We close at 5 pm.

Rushing through the maze, and trying to solve it at closing time is not recommended.
The last people enter the maze 2 hours prior to our closing time.
We begin helping you solve the maze 1.5 hours prior to our closing time and
have everyone out of the maze 1/2 hour before closing time.

The maze can be frustrating enough without a time limit.
Plus, it is typically cooler at 10 am than 2 pm.
Arriving early, and well prepared, increases
your chances of solving the maze and having MORE FUN!


10 - 12 foot tall corn!
Corn is a plant and relies on good growing weather, however, when we open August 1st,
the corn is typically 6 - 8' tall and quickly reaches 10 - 12 feet.
Once the corn is 5' tall, the MAZE is almost as difficult as when it is 10' tall.
Thick and Green
In August and September, the corn stalks are thick, green and strong.
After the first frost in early October, the corn begins to dry,
weaken and takes on a great "FALL" look.

While our mazes have held up every year, there is always the chance
that a strong storm could damage the weakened stalks the last
weeks we are open. One year we lost over
200' of maze trails due to a storm in early October.

The maze is still a challenge, but we always recommend
arriving earlier in our season.
Comments most often said by our first time Mazers:

"Loved it! What a challenge!"

"We should have come earlier."

"We completely underestimated
the maze."

"We have mazes back home, but nothing like this. Awesome!"

"We'll definitely be back next year."

For more feedback and comments, check us out on facebook.

Great Vermont Corn Maze
1404 Wheelock Road
Danville, VT 05828